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EZHosting.com runs the following basic hardware and software configuration for user servers.

Please note: these are baseline server statistics. Individual components such as RAM are increased as usage demands. We will not allow any server to become oversold!

Would you like to find out more about how these servers perform? Get the stats you need here.


  • Dual Pentium II Processors
  • 256MB EDO ECC (error correcting) parity RAM
  • Adaptec 2940 Ultra-Wide SCSI
  • Fast/Wide disks in redundant configurations
  • 3Com 10/100 Ethernet
  • Filtered/battery-backed power with generators for extended outages


  • Base Operating System: Red Hat Linux 5.1
  • Web Server: Apache 1.3.x (the number one server on the Internet!)
  • Proprietary security monitoring and reporting tools
  • RAID monitoring and data integrity tools
  • Standard development tools, including gcc, perl 5, etc.,
  • Common pre-configured CGIs, including FormMail, counters, search, etc.
  • MySQL for database services

We welcome questions about details of our server configurations. Please feel free to mail us and ask.