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Once your website has been up and running for awhile, it's appropriate to change outdated information like prices or dates, or to update your product line with new graphic images. These changes are an obvious part of maintaining your site. But there are other important, but not so obvious, ways to keep your website current.

One way that EZ Hosting can measure the success of your website is to study your site statistics. From this data, we can determine what pages of your website were viewed and which were ignored, and what software and hardware each visitor has used, to understand what features of your site they were able to see on their workstation. Armed with that information about your actual visitors, we can very specifically change your website to attract new visitors.

Site statistics will also tell us how your visitors located your site, and which search engines have brought them to your location. We can also determine which search engines are bringing you the majority of your traffic. We can code your website to attract search engines that are not bringing you traffic. We can also register your site to new search engines, or re-register the website to search engines that have previously brought you traffic.

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